Who is Atanas Velev?


About me:

"Hello there! My name is Atanas Velev and I am a certified fitness trainer, but this is not of great importance because all of my knowledge in the field of fitness is based on personal exprience and many years of trying different training methods and nutritional regimes on myself and my own body. I have discovered what works for me! Fitness training is very individual and requires a great deal of personalization. I am here to help you achieve the body of your dreams!

All you need to do is send me a message via the contact form on this website and I'll make sure to answer all of your questions about #fitness, #training, #nutrition and #motivation.

Let me help in your quest for a better looking you! Can't wait to interact! " - A.Velev


My story and my vision:

" When I was a little boy, I had a dream. It was to achieve the body of an action hero. All my idols from childhood were strong, athletic and ripped. I knew that if I study hard, learn, apply and experiment in the field of fitness, I will eventually reach my goal.

Now, 10 years later I'm almost at the finish line. I may be 99% ready, but I also know that I will never be completely satisfied with my body and with life. There will always be room for improvement!

Having said that, I was never after the stereotypical bodybuilder look. This is just too much muscle for me. I emphasize symmetry, proportions and aesthetics and I love fitness /as in being able to fit in regular sized clothes/.

My aim is to help people achieve beautiful physical transformations. And also to motivate and inspire those of you who think they are not capable and/or not worthy of such accomplishments. I want to be an icon and represent the following idea: No matter how you look right now, regardless of your previous eating habits and training history, you CAN and WILL change , because you deserve it! " - A.Velev


My thoughts on ...



" Stop and visualize for a second! Imagine how your perfect body would look! The right proportions and symmetry, the sexy curves, the six pack abs, the round glutes, etc. Let us pretend that you already have all of this on yourself. Now, hold that picture for a moment. Imagine it's a puzzle and all you need to make that dream a reality is to collect and put together all the different pieces. Nutrition is the second piece of the fitness puzzle. Without proper food your body cannot perform optimally. Just like an expensive car, which needs quality fuel to run, your body needs good food to function. Dialing in the proper ratio of macro and micronutrients is the icing on the cake. You can exercise as much as you desire but you will never have the small details that truly create a magnificent physique, if you don't get your nutrition on point. Having said that, who's ready to go all the way? Would you give a 100% on both nutrition and training or  would you rather stay average? The choice is yours! "  - A.Velev



" Without training there is no fitness! It is the essence of this sport. You cannot achieve beautiful transformations in the absence of intense exercise. Working out is the difference between looking slim and being fit, between having a flat stomach and rocking a full blown six pack! It is the reason for not only fitting in your old clothes, but looking sexy and impressive as you wear them. Training is your stress relief. Being physically active is life. Now get off your butt and go inject some life into you. Go train! " - A.Velev





"Life is simple! Wake up, do your best, go back to sleep and repeat! Without motivation and clear purpose of where you are going, you won't get too far. Motivation is the engine which drives your body and your mind towards a certain goal. It is the power that brings success to anyone who is willing to put in the hard work. Motivation is the difference between truly living and passively waiting to die. So do you have what it takes? Are you motivated enough ? " - A.Velev